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This Dolphin Watching Tour departs from Golfito, the duration is about 3 hours, and we can pick you up at your Hotel in Golfito.

The Boat has full-canopy sun top for your comfort and protection.

The Gulf’s calm jade green-blue water makes it easy to see abundant marine life, this area of pristine tropical wilderness  is home to resident and migratory communities of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), Spotted Dolphins (Stenella attenuata) and Spinner Dolphins (Stenella longirostris).

Spotted Dolphins are some of the most common dolphins to see in the Golfo Dulce Bay. Their range is from shallow inshore waters to deep ocean, though still close to shore, where they gather in big groups of up to 500 dolphins.

Bottlenose Dolphins stay close to river mouths, using the tidal cycles to catch fish, especially the needlefish (Tylosurus acus pacificus). Golfo Dulce Bottlenose Dolphins are very social and commonly seen in pods of two to 15 dolphins.

Spinner Dolphins, as is obvious from the name, are known for spinning vertically out of the water on their tails and performing great acrobatic feats. All of Costa Rica’s dolphins live harmoniously with one another.

The Golfo Dulce is a critical habitat for marine life, according to the Center for Cetacean Research of Costa Rica (CEIC).GolfitoMonkeyTours-delfin2

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